Author - Jason Siddall

Don’t Lose Your Kids in the Mall

No one likes to listen to bad news but when knowledge means power to protect our children, we are all ears.  According to Missing Children South Africa, one child goes missing every five hours in this country alone. That sends chills down the spine – parents or not. The ramifications of equipping children with electronic devices are hotly debated but cell phones and smartwatches equipped with LBS* (Location Based Services) are noticeably enhancing child safety. Digital parenting is a brave new [...]

WhatsApp API for Business – The Gamechanger You’ve Been Waiting For

Most of us are more than familiar with the ‘ping’ of a WhatsApp message. In fact, global numbers are showing WhatsApp to be one of the most popular and most commonly downloaded apps in use daily by some 1.5 billion people as of 2017. Consider some of these stats: (Source) 5 billion users in 180 countries make WhatsApp the most popular messaging app in the world – 0.2 billion more than stablemate Facebook Messenger One billion daily active WhatsApp users 65 billion WhatsApp [...]

What is Workforce Mobility?

The quick answer to the title question is to switch the words around. Workforce mobility refers to the mobile workforce.  Using a definite article ‘the’, rather than the indefinite ‘a’ is deliberate. Workforce mobility is not a futuristic possibility, it’s been a reality for some time and now references a growing 70 % of the global workforce!  This entire phenomenon would not be possible were it not for today’s plethora of high-end mobile devices with large screen area, that [...]

How To Manage Your Workforce With Business SMS?

Can I really manage my workforce better using business SMS? If this question has left you a little puzzled, then we’d love for you to read on and find out how the humble SMS is leading the charge for effective and surprisingly fast business communication. You may be surprised at some of the statistics. What is Business SMS? In the simplest of terms, business SMS refers to bulk messaging of staff or customers using SMS software as an application-to-person service. In fact, we’ve [...]

Are Mobile Solutions Part of Your Business Strategy?

As mobile devices and apps grow more sophisticated, the limits of what they can achieve for businesses seem to fall away. Mobile solutions are becoming an integral part of good business strategy offering a staggering amount of benefits for all businesses – start-ups to corporates. If you’re not technically minded, then it may be difficult to see how mobile solutions can (and have) added value to a cross-section of companies. So Many Mobile Solutions Advertising Of course, one of the first things we [...]

SMS Surveys Are The Solution to Customer Satisfaction

Customer surveys have always been a vital part of good business practice. If you haven’t yet tapped into this area of customer service, then you’ll be thrilled to know that it’s now easier than ever to gain valuable insight through SMS surveys. Your first question will probably be, why should I get involved in customer surveys anyway? Why Conduct Customer Surveys? You must agree that we live in a time where instant messaging, email and hangouts making face-to-face engagement a rare thing [...]

Cellfind LiveChat – Instant Gratification For Valuable Customers

Are you aware of Cellfind’s LiveChat solution? Why did we go to the trouble of developing a LiveChat service, and does it offer any real benefits to businesses which interact online? We think so, and we’re very excited to tell you why. Cellfind LiveChat – What is it? Cellfind LiveChat is a cheap but highly effective method of interacting with customers online without dedicating time and money to call centre infrastructure. Cellfind LiveChat has been designed for the business that wants enhanced customer service. [...]

Why Gamification Should Be A Priority In Mobile Marketing Business Solutions

If there’s one phenomenon in the ‘new world of work’ that’s catching on fast, it’s adding the element of fun into mobile solutions for businesses. This aspect of mobile marketing is a well-substantiated and proven add-on it’s akin to instant gratification in the ROI (return on investment) department. Borrowing heavily from the way E-sports developed, gamification campaigns catapult businesses into higher profits and beyond because customers can connect emotionally to brands and they become fiercely loyal. All you’ll need [...]

Simple Mobile Solutions For The Complex African Market

As South Africans, we’re frequently guilty of following European or American trends when it comes to finding “better” ways to do things. We think that if something works well overseas, it must surely be what we need here in South Africa. To be honest, it’s not a bad way to think – sometimes. Benefitting from the innovation and wisdom of others is, after all, how much of the world’s progress is made. But when it comes to mobile solutions, [...]

When Old School Rules – Why USSD Applications Are Still Rocking Campaigns In Africa

USSD applications. Not a lot of people actually know what these are. In a world where the Internet of Things, smartphones, smart buildings and smart pretty-much-everything-else dominate, it’s easy to forget that in many areas, particularly in Africa, this decades-old technology is still widely used. What was once simply a way to check the airtime balance on your phone has grown into a multi-functional channel for a huge variety of applications and initiatives. Mobile service providers make prolific use of [...]

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