Author - Catherine van Straten

What is Omnichannel Marketing? What Does it Mean for My Business?

Those of us with children (and some without) will remember the artificial intelligence known as the Omnidroid from The Pixar movie The Incredibles. The nefarious strategy which made this evil droid so successful was that it learned from the problems it encountered and wound up being able to defeat any superhero, on any platform, by taking the best moves from the previous hero. We’re pretty sure that you’re not planning world domination by droid – at least we hope not [...]

Why Should You Choose White Label Products?

Are you guilty of reinventing the wheel in your business? When we look around at the incredible technical innovations available in business today and the amazing minds behind them, there’s very little that we can conceive of that hasn’t already been done. This fact has created a massive white label market which has opened doors which previously remained firmly shut – especially to smaller businesses. What exactly is a white label product, and what are the benefits of making use of them [...]

Here’s How to Use Text Messaging in Your Business

Consumers are bombarded with numerous messages every day. From social media alerts to promotional emails and calls, the world has become incredibly busy. Businesses now face the challenge to break through the noise to reach customers simply and conveniently. Since the first text message that was sent in 1992, text-based messaging has evolved into the most popular form of communication, overtaking speaking on a mobile phone. While some newer communication applications hold some of the market, text messaging is still the favourite as the [...]

WhatsApp for Business: Its benefits and how to use it

Founded in 2009, WhatsApp has risen to become one of the most used instant communication applications with around 300 million active users daily. Since its launch, this easy-to-use application has mostly been used for casual chats between friends and family, however, with WhatsApp's new business solution, there is a lot of buzz around its benefits for progressive businesses and startups. Its features make it easier than ever to connect and communicate with consumers in an innovative and modern way. [...]

COVID-19 Staff Monitoring Just Got Easier with USSD

As the economy is starting to open up for business, we now, more than ever, need to keep our employees safe from exposure to the Covid-19 Virus. With the new government regulations, all employers are required to monitor and report on COVID-19 screenings of all their staff. Cellfind’s easy-to-use USSD solution takes care of this on behalf of your business - all via a paperless and user-friendly process. Our USSD COVID-19 campaign enables employers to record and trace all your COVID-19 screenings, allowing you to focus on protecting you and your teammates and ensuring compliance for your business. We all know how useful USSD communications are, and [...]

What Can USSD Be Used For?

Since the early 2000s, mobile users have used Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), often referred to as 'Quick Codes', to check mobile data or airtime balances and to receive one-time pins for certain processes. Now, around 20 years later, businesses have realised that this simple text-driven technology has more potential. Businesses often have to reach customers to collect certain data or to send specific information and while a large range of applications allows for these functions today, not everyone [...]

Why Network Operators Should Embrace RCS

Every day billions of people around the world communicate via text messages. Because of its inclusivity and simplicity, it has become a powerful method of communication. Its popularity has resulted in businesses moving away from the usual business-to-customer calls and emails, to more basic text-based messaging. Text messaging, specifically SMS, is both affordable and efficient, and anyone with a mobile device can send and receive messages, making it a highly beneficial form of communication. However, SMS has some limitations. [...]

Texting In Business – How Unprofessional!

A few years ago, taking out your phone during business hours to send a text message to a colleague, supplier or customer may have raised some eyebrows. Texting to communicate business-related information was seen as highly unprofessional. But is it still? Or has the increase in the benefits of text messaging made it more acceptable to send messages at work? We live in a much different world today and the way we communicate is changing fast. Increasingly we are looking for better [...]

SMS For Healthcare Providers – Why It’s Necessary

With the rise of instant communication technology, companies are increasingly opting for more efficient ways to streamline communication processes for business. Customers are also now choosing easier and more affordable ways to communicate to save time. To keep up with customer preferences and to improve customer experience, businesses are starting to invest in simpler text messaging services, including SMS. With statistics showing that 100% of mobile phones now being able to receive text messages and 98% of all received messages being [...]

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