Mobile Financial Services

Mobile Statements

Cellfind Mobile StatementsWhat does the product do?

Use our mobile statements solution to securely deliver statements, legal notices, policies, bills, payslips, and other confidential documents straight to your customers’ mobile phones. You can track whether each recipient received and read your message.
You can tailor your mobile statements to the needs of your business and optimise it for delivery to each customer’s mobile device. This solution is perfect for any company that needs to communicate at scale with its employees and customers.

Who would want to use it?

  • Financial services (statements, collection notices etc.)
  • Insurance (policies, renewal notices)
  • Medical (statements)
  • Retail (account and loyalty statements, promotions)
  • Government (utility bills)
  • Corporates (payslips)

What are the benefits for clients?

  • Instant delivery
  • No additional software required
  • Track deliver and read receipts
  • Save money on printing and postage
  • Comply with SARS regulations and other legal requirements
  • Give customers easy access to historic statements
  • Paperless and hence kind to the environment
  • Reach customers who don’t have Internet access with electronic communications

Mobile Banking Solutions

Mobile Banking SolutionsWhat does the product do?

Our mobile banking solutions allow you to deliver secure banking and payment services to your customers using reliable USSD technology or mobile applications. Because we give you control over the complete transaction lifecycle, we enable you to deliver a smooth, safe, and high-quality customer experience.

Who would want to use it?

Large banks, payments companies, and microfinance institutions in South Africa and the rest of the continent use our mobile banking solutions to streamline their mobile banking channel, enhance relationships with customers, and extend their reach into the unbanked market. Our offering also makes it easy for banks to work with field agents and third-party distributors.

Our product makes it simple to deploy the following services to end-customers:

  • Mobile wallets
  • Balance enquiries
  • Money transfers
  • Beneficiary payments
  • Prepaid airtime and electricity purchases

Features and benefits

  • Creates a new channel that gives an institution the ability to cross-sell and up-sell products and services existing customers or to reach a new customer base.
  • Tight integration with the customer’s core banking system means there’s no need to run a second mobile system in parallel.
  • Simplicity reduces cost of implementation and speeds up time of deployment.
  • Rich management reporting, audit trails, and transactional reports.
  • Fully redundant platform.
  • Powerful fraud management and monitoring functionality including real-time SIM checking.
  • Support for multiple networks, multiple countries, and multiple languages.
  • Robust mobile wallet process, including KYC (Know Your Customer) compliant registration of accounts.
  • Enables full menu of self-service transactions, including wallet-to-wallet and wallet-to-bank account debits and credits.
  • Also enables agent-assisted transactions.


What is imalimate?

iMaliMate is a simple, secure mobile app that let's you view & pay all your bills and track your spend & manage your budgets from the palm of your hand. With iMaliMate, You are in control!

How does it work?

  • Receive & view your bills
  • BLink your accounts to receive & view your bills anywhere, anytime from your mobile.
  • Pay your bills
  • Payment of bills is quick and easy!
  • quickly and easily track your spending & manage your budget.

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