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WhatsApp Business API

Do you want to impress your customers with the best service and support on the best messaging app?

If so, then you need answers to these questions:

What is the difference between WhatsApp Business and The WhatsApp Business API?

Is WhatsApp Business API free?

Want a WhatsApp Business Account?

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What is the Difference between WhatsApp Business App and The WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API – A fast and versatile two-way customer communication tool for businesses supporting unlimited user and devices.

WhatsApp Business App

  • Best suited for small businesses
  • Free WhatsApp download for iOS and Android
  • Limited to one user
  • Limited reach
  • Free to use

WhatsApp Business API

  • Suitable for mid to enterprise-level business
  • Access to enhanced software
  • 24/7 support from Business Partners
  • GDPR/POPIA compliant
  • Unlimited users
  • Onboarding program
  • Excellent reach
  • Automated systems and templated messaging
  • Integrated chatbot
  • User dashboard for in-depth monitoring
  • Displays verification badge

Why Choose WhatsApp Business API?

Connect instantly with your customers and streamline your customer service with WhatsApp Business API.

Brilliant Customer Service and Support with WhatsApp

Enhance your service with automated systems

Free up your team for better service

Reduce the workload on customer service staff

Chatbots channel communication and take the load off

Deliver cohesive customer communication

whatsapp business customer care
whatsapp chatbots

WhatsApp Chatbots Speed Up Your Service

Automate and direct customer conversations

Answer common questions quickly

Handoff to a human agent when required

24/7 support for valuable customers

Available on WhatsApp as well as your website and other channels

Easy to build and manage

Real-time Messaging and Customer Support with WhatsApp

Send notifications and time-sensitive information

Send and receive audio files, video, contact information or documents

Share location information for logistics

Chatsbot offer faster, simpler service

Integrate with CRM and other business tools

whatsapp business api notifications

WA Business API is taking the business world by storm and is rapidly becoming an essential part of any customer engagement strategy

Is WhatsApp Business API Free?

No, but it does leverage the strongest and most involved user base, sending approximately 65 billion messages around the world in a single day.

Connect with your customers using the most user-friendly system at the most affordable rate.

Put WhatsApp Business API to work in your business today

Flexible and affordable pricing options.

Fast and efficient integration into your business systems.

Manage all communication via one intuitive dashboard.

Segment contacts based on behaviours and demographics.

Implement Live Chat and bots for rapid, effective customer communication.

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