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  • International SMS

    As the commercial world shrinks, businesses find that their customers are not simply local residents anymore but can be thousands of miles away. International SMS campaigns are one great way to reach these customers.

    • SMS campaigns enjoy an excellent response with over 98% of messages opened
    • Campaigns can be targeted to potential clients no matter where they are in the world
    • Time-sensitive offers can be scheduled correctly for their time zone

    International SMS opens the door to international customers.

    Reach A Global Audience
  • Reverse Billing

    Reverse Billed Mobile Data offers businesses a brilliant way to increase customer engagement by providing free access to their website and other online platforms.

    • Small businesses can increase traffic at an affordable cost
    • Remote staff can access enterprise websites at no cost
    • Reduced hurdles for all customers engaging online

    Reverse Billed Mobile Data is a smart way to get your customers online and interacting with your team.

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Grow Your Business

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Leading Mobile Solutions

Cellfind (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of the DNI group and a leading mobile technology solutions company providing tailored mobile applications for business. We aim to be the leading mobile solutions provider to Africa and key international markets. We’re a trustworthy and committed team, focused on service excellence.

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Increase your offering and enhance your service by becoming a reseller. Our innovative products are an easy bolt-on to your business making you more valuable to your customers.

The fastest and simplest way of boosting your profits without reinventing the wheel.

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Theo Lategan, CTO/CIO | Multi-Channel Engagement

Different generations have different expectations when it comes to engaging with companies and these days automating interactions to improve user experiences across multiple channels, are critical. Users want to reach out for service via channels like Live Chat, SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, USSD, with self-service flows and automated responses.

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USSD for COVID-19 Staff Screening

Assist your Covid Ambassadors to get through the daily staff screening quickly and efficiently



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