The vSMSC (Short Message Service Centre) platform from Cellfind is a carrier-grade SMSC system used by WASPS, banks and enterprises around the world to deliver global least-cost SMS routing solutions.

  • Processes over 1000 messages per second
  • Least cost and priority routing
  • User-friendly interface for customers and end-users

vSMSC allows for high-volume, accurate and cost-effective communication processes between businesses and global customers.

I Need Super-Fast Communication

What is vSMSC?

With extensive performance enhancements, the vSMSC can process over 1000 messages per second.

The system can route, prioritize, bill, and report over 50 million messages across multiple accounts in a single day.

This powerful and robust SMSC architecture has a comprehensive set of features, including message routing, account management, reporting, and customer accounts.

The web account gives customers direct access to their messages, contact lists, account reports, and inbound messages.

Payment Automations, Elective Notifications

Payments can be made by end-users using an automated process, or they can be approved by an administrator. Email and SMS notifications are available to end-users as well as administrative users and users can elect to be notified when, for example, their account balance drops below a certain level.

Everything starts with the customer.
~June Martin

Our vSMSC solution effortlessly integrates multiple communication channels for the ultimate cross-channel experience

Here are the benefits of vSMSC as it applies to your business:

  • High-speed batch processor for bulk and personalised messaging
  • Full customer interface supporting global currencies
  • Report builder creates custom reports from any system data
  • Least cost routing profiles can be configured to take advantage of the least cost for each network
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