Reverse Billing

Reverse billing offers businesses a brilliant way to increase customer engagement by providing free access to their website and other online platforms.

  • Small businesses can increase traffic at an affordable cost
  • Remote staff can access enterprise websites at no cost
  • Reduced hurdles for all customers engaging online

Reverse billing is a smart way to get your customers online and interacting with your team.

Increase My Customer Engagement

What is Reverse Billing?

Companies that make use of reverse billing have negotiated with mobile networks to allow customers free access to their websites and other online platforms.

Reverse billing systems are used in many ways to encourage customer engagement with no friction and no barriers. The company carries the cost of their customer’s online interaction, but the system can be managed to their advantage.

Reverse billing is a perfect solution in emerging markets where smartphones are prolific, but data costs are high.

Boost Consumer Traffic

eCommerce customers can use reverse billing to boost traffic to their catalogue, and only allow data costs after a consumer heads on over to the check-out. This reduces data costs for customers and increases sales for companies.

Reverse billing can boost your business with very little effort

Our smart reverse billing systems will:

  • Remove the cost barrier for customers accessing your company website
  • Help to boost internet traffic
  • Enhance the efficacy of marketing campaigns
  • Boost online revenue
  • Provide secure access to enterprise websites for remote workers at no cost to them

Create a great company reputation

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