Long Codes

The brilliance in long codes lies in their perceived permanence for your customers. You’ll know them as the 10-digit number dedicated to your company.

  • You own a 10-digit number dedicated to your specific business.
  • Send and receive text and voice messages anywhere in the world.
  • You can easily engage in person-to-person communication, both locally and internationally.

Long codes are a familiar and consistent communication method.

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How Do Long Codes Work?

Messaging is dependent on the SMS gateway providers aka aggregators and their connections to worldwide mobile carriers. These ‘message police’ and their pathways relay your news to your intended VIPs.

Thanks to long codes, the SMSCs (Short Message Service Centres), who are the first to receive your message for forwarding, can now process a ridiculously large number of messages in a flash.

If your business relies on the up-close-and-personal touch to communicate effectively with clients then long codes are what you need.

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Long codes are very robust as seen by the genre of companies who use them. Think of airlines, banks, and couriers – it could mean the difference between whether you sink or swim.

The most important impact on society and the world is the cell phone. Cell phones have actually been one of the primary drivers in productivity improvements.
~ Fabrice Grinda

Long Codes set customers’ minds at ease

The permanence of your number, one that you’ve claimed as your own and is unique to your company means:

  • Long codes can deliver messages where short codes can’t.
  • No lengthy set-up and approval required for use.
  • Can be used to set up toll-free calling if required.
  • Control restrictions allow you to block undesirable traffic.
  • Tried and trusted communication system.
  • Make calls and send messages via the same number.
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