POPIA and Cellfind: What Can You Expect?

Finally promulgated into hardcore law on November 26th, 2020, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) demanded attention from affected industries.

Where would you expect to find Cellfind in that picture? Fully and unconditionally compliant – that’s where.

First, let’s get a definition and summary of the Act.

Understanding POPIA

The bottom line is that POPIA enforces a fundamental human right to privacy. It exists to protect people from harm with respect to their personal information. Think of identity theft as the most extreme abuse of personal information. There are movies about what that feels like. But what about having your money stolen out from under you? Never fear, POPIA is near.

Seriously, Cellfind couldn’t be more grateful for the passing of an Act that makes their clients feel safer when entrusting sensitive information to trustworthy companies who need it to help you.

The 3 POPIA Role Players in Cellfind’s Modus Operandi

  1. The Subject – person to whom the personal data relates.
  2. The Receiver – organisations and people responsible for determining how and why personal and sensitive information is to be processed.
  3. The Operator – companies or persons processing on behalf of the Receiver i.e., IT vendors.

As a No. 1, you need to know that the No. 2’s will only allow reputable, fully compliant No 3’s to process your information as prescribed by POPIA.

POPIA and Cellfind

CTO Theo Lategan well-articulated Cellfind’s commitment and dedication to customer peace of mind via in-house best practice.

Customer Confidence

Customer data privacy is about more than just regulation compliance and it can be critical to a brand and customer loyalty. Most consumers believe that the way their Personal Data is treated reflects how they are treated as customers. Getting it right can give a company a competitive advantage and we as an Organisation are dedicated to providing the necessary peace of mind when it comes to dealing with personal information.

Statement of Company Commitment

We are committed to business practices in compliance with all relevant legislation in the Republic of South Africa, which includes, but is not limited to, POPIA and the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act of 2002.

Operator Reassurance

We provide the assurance as the Operator to the Responsible Party, that all Personal Information exchanged pursuant thereto shall be processed in strict compliance with the provisions of POPIA. 

Our Organisation will at all times process Personal Information exclusively for purposes of carrying out its obligations in terms of any agreement in place between ourselves and the Responsible Party and will treat all Personal Information as confidential at all times.

Staff Training

As an Organisation we strive to provide adequate training to all of our staff, contractors, and agents to ensure compliance with the POPIA requirements relating to Personal Information Processing, use, and confidentiality while at the same time enforcing various industry-standard Policies and Procedures that are put in place to ensure data security.


We also undertake to ensure that any Personal Information that is processed by our organisation on behalf of the Responsible Party is held in a secure manner, which meets industry standards, and that such information is not shared outside of the scope of any Agreement.

We implement the appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent the loss of, damage to, and/or unauthorised access or destruction of Personal Information.

POPIA Confidence and Cellfind

The beauty of POPIA is that it has strengthened what companies like Cellfind have promised all along. Those who have been clients of Cellfind for any length of time well know how they have been protected and cared for with regard to their personal information long before the Act forced everyone to do so.

It matters to Cellfind that you feel safe when you grant your consent for personal information processing. Confidentiality is a cornerstone precept of Cellfind on all levels.

Feel free to contact us at your convenience for more information or assistance. As a leading mobile technology solutions company, we remain a trustworthy team, committed to service excellence for your sake.

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