Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) opens up a fast and simple communication portal between your business and any GSM handset.

  • No data or internet required for users to send and receive messages
  • Messages are accessible on any device, not just smartphones
  • Familiar and user-friendly interaction for customers

USSD is an effective interface to provide users with information, payment services, or self-help solutions.

Retain My Customers

What is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)?

USSD is a menu-driven communication tool that has been around long enough for users to be comfortable and familiar with its operation.

It is quick and easy for businesses to deploy and straightforward for all parties to use. It is especially useful for businesses that want to reach people who don’t have smartphones, providing all the tools they need in a simple interface.

Most commonly used to manage mobile accounts, top-up airtime, and pay bills, USSD has found greater use in today’s mobile market.

USSD can be used effectively for mobile chats, requests for information, promotions and competitions, loyalty programs, and secure payment services.

Keep Consumers Hooked

USSD also offers an excellent way for businesses to increase client retention and customer satisfaction with USSD’s high consumer engagement rate.

USSD services can grow your business and retain your customers

We offer USSD packages that include:

  • A user-friendly messaging portal
  • Reporting tools to refine your messaging and enhance customer engagement
  • Highly customizable messaging for your unique requirements
  • USSD is reportedly seven times faster than SMS
  • Seamless integration into your existing business systems
  • Offers a paid content portal for news, sports, etc.
  • USSD communication requires no data or internet connection and can be used across all networks
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