MobiServ is an online platform providing immediate access to all of Cellfind’s core product APIs and services. These are available either via our custom JSON POST/GET methods or via easy to use dynamic form fields.

  • Create personalised, unique messaging experiences
  • Make use of the best platforms for your business
  • Dynamic form builders are user-friendly and easy to set up

MobiServ is a simple, easily integrated method of personalising your messaging for your clients, based on your needs.

Manage My Customers Effectively Online

What is MobiServ?

MobiServ from Cellfind provides an innovative platform linking you to all of our APIs and services.

The benefits of this online platform are extensive, especially since there is no requirement to understand how to code the experience that you need.

MobiServ is designed according to the REST principles (RESTful APIs) which have been created to take advantage of existing protocols such as HTTP. This eliminates the need for additional software when crafting communications based on your business needs.

Meet Customers’ Diverse Needs

Cellfind’s MobiServ platform is a flexible one, with the ability to handle multiple types of calls and formats allowing you to meet the diverse needs of your customers no matter which platform they prefer.

Online Marketing
Don’t push people where you want them to be; meet them where they are.
~ Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing, Hubspot

MobiServ allows you to manage the highly personal needs of your customers

Be a versatile and interactive business using our existing online platforms which:

  • Integrate with your existing systems seamlessly
  • Make use of your customer’s preferred messaging platform
  • Work with USSD, SMS, WhatsApp, prepaid vouchers and more
  • Build unique messaging experiences for their apps or websites
  • Talk to certain backend services as required
  • Allow you to click on any core service that you require with dynamic form builders
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