Panic Solutions

Mobile panic solutions turn an ordinary phone into an efficient distress beacon in emergencies. They offer multiple services to help keep the South African public safe.

  • Single panic button for an immediate response from emergency services
  • GPS signals triangulate the user’s location accurately
  • Sends instant notifications to multiple contacts

Panic solutions are a necessary part of our lives. Businesses can offer valuable services such as these to their existing clients as value-adds.

Show Customers I Care

What are Panic Solutions?

Mobile panic solutions are the next step in the evolution of personal safety, and a necessity for us South Africans. A simple app installed on a user’s phone gives them instant access to medical or security services with one push of a button.

Panic buttons make decisions for you when you can’t. When you’re faced with an emergency situation for either yourself or someone else, time is of the essence. A panic button requires no thought and sets a chain of events in motion to assist you.

Panic solutions generally include medical, accident, and roadside assistance as well as emergency services for hijacking and other criminal matters.

Customer Loyalty Through Value Added Services

Our mobile panic solutions are easy to brand and implement for your business should you wish to add these to your portfolio of products for superior customer service.

Panic solutions add another layer of security to your customers and shows that you care

We’ve unpacked the benefits of our panic solutions:

  • Experience greater customer loyalty through additional, valuable services.
  • Help to protect your customers and their loved ones.
  • Create an additional revenue stream without developing a new product.
  • Create a safe working environment for your own team with dedicated security requirements.
  • Keep your fleet and drivers safe with mobile panic services.
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