Bulk SMS / SMS

Bulk SMS remains a cost-effective way to reach your customers at scale. SMS also offers businesses the benefit of knowing that  over 98% of their messages will be opened and read.

  • Messages are accessible on all devices
  • Concise and targeted marketing messages
  • Accurate reporting tools to refine your message

Simple, effective Bulk SMS solutions at the best rates.

Help Me Reach My Customers

What is Bulk SMS?

Research shows that over 98% of SMSs are opened compared to just 20% of email communications making it a smart choice.

Bulk SMS is a proven way to reach all your customers with targeted and personalised messages.

Reliable delivery
across all networks ensures that your message is received and instantly accessible across all devices. SMS opens the way for two-way conversation between you and your customers.

SMS is a versatile medium that is used effectively for marketing, surveys, and competitions. It is also secure enough to be used in two-factor authentication for financial services or other personal online activities.

Secure 2-Way SMS Service

As a registered WASP, Cellfind can provide you with secure 2-way SMS services to advertise your products and keep customers engaged.


Yusuf Vahed, Messaging Director, SMS

SMS continues to remain ubiquitous and allows enterprises and brands to communicate with their customers on any handset type, from basic feature phones to the latest 5G smartphones, anywhere in the world.

Bulk SMS services have a positive impact on your business

We offer proven packages that include:

  • Secure and personalised messaging solution
  • Standard, premium, and reversed billing options
  • Full reporting and analysis tools
  • Audience segmentation and targeting
  • API allows for simple integration into your company systems
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