Multimedia messaging service (MMS) stands out as one of the most effective ways to engage your target market. MMS proves that a picture really is worth a thousand words.

  • Messages are accessible on most new phones
  • Compelling video and imagery create memorable messages
  • Bulk sending and tracking is available for effective marketing

MMS combines the simplicity of SMS and the compelling draw of imagery for enhanced customer impact.

Enhance Customer Engagement

What is Bulk MMS?

Bulk MMS provides the perfect vehicle for sending high-impact multimedia messages to subscribers. Whether your message is enhanced with video, audio, graphics, or animations, this service is certain to boost your engagement rate

Statistics show that simply adding a video to a marketing message increases customer understanding of your product by 74% while increasing the chance of making a sale grows by 64%.

Multimedia messages
also serve to simplify complex messages and financial documentation into a user-friendly format.

MMS allows for longer subject lines to capture your audience’s attention.

Free To Consumers

As with sending an SMS, MMS messages are free for the consumer to access. Without the hurdle of data or wi-fi access, this means you can reach more people with your simple and effective message.

Mobile is full of exciting technologies, and approaches that can help us transform how we teach, work and learn.
~ Geoff Stead

MMS is vital in enhancing customer communication in any business

Our MMS packages come with a host of benefits:

  • Immediate and long-lasting impact on the consumer
  • Visual branding is made simple
  • Higher return or acceptance rate, especially when used to deliver financial documentation
  • Standard rate, premium, and reversed bill options
  • Full tracking and reporting available
  • Choice of payment options: post-paid or prepaid
  • Reliable delivery to all major networks
  • API allows for simple integration into your existing systems
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