Flow Builder

Flow Builder from Cellfind is a hosted, multi-service solution integrating messaging, user management, and reporting into a single web portal to handle all campaign needs. Customer communication has become complex, but our system creates a simple solution.

  • Communicate with your customers on the platform that they prefer
  • Manage and coordinate asynchronous messages in a cohesive dashboard
  • Understand behaviours and preferences using accurate data

Flow Builder ensures seamless interaction with customers, wherever they are and in the best way possible.

Connect With My Customers Seamlessly

What is Flow Builder?

Flow builder takes the complex mix of communication channels available to consumers and channels them into one messaging platform for businesses.

Considering that each channel and social platform will have its own interface and behaviours, it makes sense to consolidate these under one integrated umbrella.

Over 50% of customers are more likely to shop with a business that supports instant two-way messaging. Therefore, a company that facilitates this and makes it a pleasure to contact them will enjoy happy customers and repeat business.

Reach Customers Wherever They Are

Communicating with your customers wherever they are, invites more meaningful interactions and personal connections

Tech will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is ‘on’ all the time.
~ Daniel Bæk, Co-founder of Nodes

Flow Builder offers a single solution that effortlessly integrates multiple communication channels for the ultimate cross-channel experience.

Partnering with Cellfind offers the following benefits of Flow Builder as it applies to your business

  • Integrates with your existing communication systems
  • Make use of your customers’ preferred messaging platform
  • Channels asynchronous communications for enhanced customer service
  • Supports instant two-way messaging between your customer and team
  • Focus on the right message for each demographic on the channel they’re most comfortable with
  • Make use of valuable insights gained from accurate reporting data
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