Cellfind - Smart Customer Retention Strategies

Smart Customer Retention Strategies Using USSD and Reverse Billing

What does your customer retention strategy look like for the next year? Do you have one? More focus than ever before is on customer experience. The statistics are irrefutable and point to the fact that your buyers have zero tolerance for inefficient methodologies, red tape, and convoluted systems. The race to the finish is no …

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Cellind - How Can Reverse Billed Data Boost Your Business

Reverse Billed Data Benefits: Want to Boost Your Business?

If you’re wondering about reverse billed data benefits and if it’s worth considering for your business, you’re in the right place. With over 22 million smartphone users in South Africa, you can be sure that your team, your audience, or your customers are among these. And you want them to engage with your brand in …

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Reverse Billed Data FAQs Your Questions Answered

Reverse Billed Data FAQs: Your Questions Answered

There is no such thing as a free lunch; a saying that you will have heard many times over the years. And up until now, those few words have been very much a reality. But what if that has all changed? What if the businesses you support were able to support you back, with no …

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