Why Gamification Should Be A Priority In Mobile Marketing Business Solutions

If there’s one phenomenon in the ‘new world of work’ that’s catching on fast, it’s adding the element of fun into mobile solutions for businesses. This aspect of mobile marketing is a well-substantiated and proven add-on it’s akin to instant gratification in the ROI (return on investment) department. Borrowing heavily from the way E-sports developed, gamification campaigns catapult businesses into higher profits and beyond because customers can connect emotionally to brands and they become fiercely loyal. All you’ll need [...]

Simple Mobile Solutions For The Complex African Market

As South Africans, we’re frequently guilty of following European or American trends when it comes to finding “better” ways to do things. We think that if something works well overseas, it must surely be what we need here in South Africa. To be honest, it’s not a bad way to think – sometimes. Benefitting from the innovation and wisdom of others is, after all, how much of the world’s progress is made. But when it comes to mobile solutions, [...]

When Old School Rules – Why USSD Applications Are Still Rocking Campaigns In Africa

USSD applications. Not a lot of people actually know what these are. In a world where the Internet of Things, smartphones, smart buildings and smart pretty-much-everything-else dominate, it’s easy to forget that in many areas, particularly in Africa, this decades-old technology is still widely used. What was once simply a way to check the airtime balance on your phone has grown into a multi-functional channel for a huge variety of applications and initiatives. Mobile service providers make prolific use of [...]

USSD – A Vital Marketing Tool For African Markets

Sub-Saharan Africa is the fastest-growing mobile region in the world and has been for a few years now. What does that mean for your business? It means you have access to just under 750 million people – almost nine percent of the global mobile population! This is a massive market you simply can’t afford to ignore. However, there is one very important fact to bear in mind: only around a third of all mobile subscribers in Africa have a [...]

USSD Code Campaigns – Business Owner’s WIIFM Solution

Hands up those who still remember the jingle that the Yellow Pages put out to create customer awareness? “Let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages” - you can likely still hum the tune. USSD codes are to business owners what fingers are to the Yellow Pages. “Let the USSD coding work while you’re home in bed” could well be the new mantra for today’s business owners. What wouldn’t you do to have your business run for you [...]

Becoming a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Means More Customers with Less Risk

Retailers, large and small, are always on the lookout for ways to increase margins and expand their offerings in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible. This is one of the reasons why franchises are such efficient business models; the hard work has been done for you. The same applies to the Value-Added Reseller (VAR) model. What are the benefits of becoming a VAR in today’s market? Key Benefits of the VAR Business Model The benefits of becoming a VAR are essentially [...]

How Have Smartphones Revolutionised Business?

Where were you in 2007? Did you know that while you were enjoying a business retreat or starting an exciting new venture, the world was in a state of upheaval – only, no-one knew it at the time. Yes, 2007 was the “Year of the Smartphone” when Apple launched their first iPhone and changed the face of the industry forever. What started out as a simple hand-held device for making calls and sending messages has turned many industry sectors on [...]

Mobile Statements Lifts The Burden of Estate Management

There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of, “Let he who shouts the loudest be heard first.” And when month end creeps around and payday is just around the corner, this is very often the case for those of us who are expecting payments in. In these uncertain economic times, how will you make sure that your clients remember their debts and make their payment on time? While this challenge remains true of almost every business, it [...]

Communication with Parents: What Are The Best Options for Schools and Teachers?

Few things are more important to a parent than their child’s wellbeing while at school. Good schools, pre-schools, and day care centres recognise that effective and timely communication with parents is one of the most important aspects of their business. The methods of school communication used to pass on important information to parents have changed over the years, and especially with the advent of mobile devices, even though the information itself remains very much the same. What information is important? [...]

Mobile Apps Driving LBS in South Africa

Louis Freeh, former U.S. judge and Director of the FBI once said, “Ask the American public if they want a wiretap and they'll say 'No.' If you ask them do they want a feature on their phone that helps the FBI find their missing child, they'll say, 'Yes.” Indeed, tracking and monitoring of our movements via our mobile apps elicits mixed emotions from people. Some despise the Big Brother mentality and resist the idea of being tracked, and others embrace [...]

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