Are Mobile Solutions Part of Your Business Strategy?

As mobile devices and apps grow more sophisticated, the limits of what they can achieve for businesses seem to fall away. Mobile solutions are becoming an integral part of good business strategy offering a staggering amount of benefits for all businesses – start-ups to corporates.

If you’re not technically minded, then it may be difficult to see how mobile solutions can (and have) added value to a cross-section of companies.

So Many Mobile Solutions


Of course, one of the first things we think about in terms of benefiting our business is advertising. How can we get our message out to the right people at the right time for maximum benefit?

In this instance, location-based mobile technology is a brilliant tool – and especially effective for getting people at the right time. For example, imagine that you have a restaurant and you have (very wisely) developed a mobile app or have push notifications configured. When a potential customer is within a certain radius of your restaurant, they may receive a notification of your special offers for the day to tempt them inside. What a great reminder of your business for a person who is close by – perfect timing!

In fact, when we consider that roughly 30 percent of mobile searches are location -based, we see how people are using their mobile devices very differently than they were a decade ago. How would this work for your business?

Engagement & Loyalty

Not all communication with our audience should be pushing our product or service. Several mobile solutions have cleverly integrated their product into wearable devices which interact with a mobile phone.

Consider the Fitbit as a great example. Insurance and medical companies alike have developed mobile apps to allow them to track the health and activity of their members. This non-intrusive and mutually beneficial system grants two-way communication between the customer and the business, encouraging engagement and loyalty.

One of the key elements of a successful campaign resides in its engagement. We want to talk to our customers, to understand what they want, why and how. What better way to achieve this than with a survey?

The average person spends around 4 hours a day on their mobile, which means that a short, fun survey asking for a couple of pieces of information in exchange for a prize, a coupon or something similar is an easy ask. There are plenty of mobile solutions available which give you an appealing way to talk to your customers and get their thoughts on new products, service levels or anything else that really matters to your business.

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Mobile Payments

It is no secret that making an online checkout or payment option easy, fast and user-friendly equals more revenue. Give a mobile user hoops to jump through at the point of purchase and you will see skyrocketing cart abandonment stats on your website.

Banking apps are ubiquitous, and most offer a genuinely pleasurable user experience. Google, Apple and Samsung have all developed incredibly smart mobile apps which make payment super easy and offer multi-layered security.

Gamification & Augmented Reality

Gamification is not a new concept, but still one which business can and should explore for use on mobile.

Lowe’s came up with a very clever way to encourage shoppers to but from them with an augmented reality gamified mobile solution. Josh Shabtai says, “Being able to [use AR], to see lifelike replications of [things] in your home, changes the equation of online shopping,” he said. “I think, as these technologies mature, you will see greater comfort in [online] shopping in areas that people may not have been as comfortable with before.”

Calling Cellfind

When it comes to mobile solutions, Cellfind are your go-to service provider.

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