How To Manage Your Workforce With Business SMS?

Can I really manage my workforce better using business SMS?

If this question has left you a little puzzled, then we’d love for you to read on and find out how the humble SMS is leading the charge for effective and surprisingly fast business communication. You may be surprised at some of the statistics.

What is Business SMS?

In the simplest of terms, business SMS refers to bulk messaging of staff or customers using SMS software as an application-to-person service.

In fact, we’ve spoken before about SMS for business especially in the field of marketing, however, there are added benefits for your own team.

Business Benefits – SMS For Your Team

Organising Staff

Do you have a large workforce? Do you make frequent use of casual staff? Are members of your team required to cover shifts?

We know that managing staff is a full-time job, and certainly not an easy one. With around 5 percent of the global workforce calling in sick every day, there will always be a need for backup plans or last-minute swap outs. Trying to keep tabs on these, as you can imagine, can lead to a migraine!

In these instances, emailing or phoning staff to cover shifts or rearrange their schedule can be incredibly time-consuming, and this is where business SMS shines.

Automated messages and 2-way responses can easily be set up to cater to your unique business needs. These systems benefit from the 90 second response time of the average SMS reply and grant both management and team a “paper trail” logging all input and changes.

In this way, your staffing issues are streamlined, and nothing is lost in translation.

How To Manage Your Workforce With Business SMS 2

Internal Communication

While staff in smaller offices can simply pop their head out the door and say, “Hey guys, this years’ Christmas party is on the 14th” larger organisations simply don’t have that luxury.

A business with hundreds or thousands of employees, perhaps scattered across the country or the globe, need a better system.

Enter the business SMS service.

From the office party venue to new company privacy policies, staff promotions or important meetings, plugging bulk SMS software into your current system simplifies your communication.

A short message with salient details can be sent to groups or your entire staff complement and can be tracked to ensure everyone has accessed the information.

In fact, a short, punchy SMS can be used to offer support, direction or motivation to your team in a gentle and non-intrusive way.

Human Resources

Larger organisations need a lot of admin support to keep accurate tabs on annual leave, sick leave, training and other queries.

For example, your SMS system can be set up to allow a staff member to drop a quick note to HR to request leave. This may trigger a response to their line manager to gain approval, and all responses are sent back to the applicable staff with all questions answered.

Does that sound significantly easier than the traditional red tape and paperwork that usually goes along with leave requests?

In Conclusion

It’s easy to see how this simple service can save you many man-hours, a good deal of frustration, and a lot of miscommunication.

The fact that all SMS communications are trackable, with the ability to pull off conversation logs and deep dive into the data makes this a very useful tool indeed.

Business SMS means:

  • Efficient communication
  • An effective workforce
  • A collaborative platform
  • Accurate data tracking
  • Quickly organise a large staff complement
  • Reduce the admin load with automated messages

Would business SMS work for you?

Please feel free to call one of the Cellfind technical team who can answer any questions and get you on the road to a faster and more efficient business.

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