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Defining Your Marketing Message: What, Who and Why.

A clarion marketing message can literally be the difference between phenomenal success in a marketing campaign or a dismal failure. A wise commander once said; ‘If the trumpet sounds an indistinct call, who will prepare for battle?’ Similarly, what customers to do largely depends on what they hear and that is entirely up to us …

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Heres How to Use Text Messaging in Your Business

Here’s How to Use Text Messaging in Your Business

Consumers are bombarded with numerous messages every day. From social media alerts to promotional emails and calls, the world has become incredibly busy. Businesses now face the challenge to break through the noise to reach customers simply and conveniently. Since the first text message that was sent in 1992, text-based messaging has evolved into the most popular …

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Why Network Operators Should Embrace RCS

Why Network Operators Should Embrace RCS

Every day billions of people around the world communicate via text messages. Because of its inclusivity and simplicity, it has become a powerful method of communication. Its popularity has resulted in businesses moving away from the usual business-to-customer calls and emails, to more basic text-based messaging. Text messaging, specifically SMS, is both affordable and efficient, …

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Texting In Business

Texting In Business – How Unprofessional!

A few years ago, taking out your phone during business hours to send a text message to a colleague, supplier or customer may have raised some eyebrows. Texting to communicate business-related information was seen as highly unprofessional. But is it still? Or has the increase in the benefits of text messaging made it more acceptable to send …

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SMS For Healthcare Providers

SMS For Healthcare Providers – Why It’s Necessary

With the rise of instant communication technology, companies are increasingly opting for more efficient ways to streamline communication processes for business. Customers are also now choosing easier and more affordable ways to communicate to save time. To keep up with customer preferences and to improve customer experience, businesses are starting to invest in simpler text messaging services, …

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How Personalised Text Messaging Adds Magic to Your Message

How important is personalised text messaging? No matter how busy or stressed we may be, receiving an individualized message can make our day. The thought that follows is; as fellow members of the business community, we know that advertising is the lifeblood of any successful enterprise. But the last thing we want is to irritate …

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Unpacking The Power of Mobile Marketing For South African Businesses

Unpacking The Power of Mobile Marketing

When the mobile phone first raised its South African antenna in the early 1990s, we were all suitably impressed by this cunning little device. Who could have guessed that this “brick” as it was affectionately called, would morph into the sleek minicomputer that we have today? As the technology evolved, the potential power of mobile …

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What is Workforce Mobility

What is Workforce Mobility?

The quick answer to the title question is to switch the words around. Workforce mobility refers to the mobile workforce.  Using a definite article ‘the’, rather than the indefinite ‘a’ is deliberate. Workforce mobility is not a futuristic possibility, it’s been a reality for some time and now references a growing 70 % of the …

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How To Manage Your Workforce With Business SMS

How To Manage Your Workforce With Business SMS?

Can I really manage my workforce better using business SMS? If this question has left you a little puzzled, then we’d love for you to read on and find out how the humble SMS is leading the charge for effective and surprisingly fast business communication. You may be surprised at some of the statistics. What …

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