Why Network Operators Should Embrace RCS

Every day billions of people around the world communicate via text messages. Because of its inclusivity and simplicity, it has become a powerful method of communication. Its popularity has resulted in businesses moving away from the usual business-to-customer calls and emails, to more basic text-based messaging. Text messaging, specifically SMS, is both affordable and efficient, and anyone with a mobile device can send and receive messages, making it a highly beneficial form of communication. However, SMS has some limitations. It allows only for a limited amount of text and links, and senders often can’t track if and when messages have been opened. Enter Rich Communication Services (RCS), the improved descendant of SMS.

RCS messaging is seen as next-generation mobile technology that offers an improved digital communication experience by allowing more functions than the usual SMS. Where SMS is a very one-dimensional type of communication, RCS comes with all the trims to offer more interactive messaging and better user experiences. This is a valuable emerging technology that mobile network operators should embrace if they want to keep their subscribers satisfied in 2020.

Why all the hype around RCS?

RCS is a communication protocol that consists of a range of different services that give normal mobile messaging more capabilities. It includes rich features that allow RCS to bring normal text messaging up to modern standards. It has the potential to make major waves in the digital communication sphere by providing businesses with the opportunity to engage with customers through a truly interactive experience.

A few of RCS’ benefits include:

Interactive Messaging

RCS offers embedded interactive buttons, two-way communication and real-time feedback so customers can easily interact with businesses, including responding to queries and making purchases.

Branded Messaging

RCS is ideal to use for marketing campaigns as branded messages and rich media, including photo, audio and video, can be sent for marketing purposes and to pass on information.

Improved customer experience

RCS enhance customer experience with a faster, more convenient and more affordable option of interacting with businesses. With RCS users can complete certain tasks, such as paying bills, getting product information and signing up for services, with just a few clicks from one messaging platform.

Read Receipts

RCS also allows the sender to see when messages have been read. This provides the sender with valuable insight that can be used to tweak future campaigns.

Safe and secure communication

RCS messages are sent and received from a registered brand or business’ name, unlike SMS which is received from a phone number. This gives businesses more credibility and consumers more peace of mind when interacting through RCS messages.

Opportunity for brand positioning

With RCS messages branding and logos can be added which makes it the ideal platform to establish customer trust and to boost brand awareness.

Why should network operators invest in RCS?

Numerous international brands with a presence in South Africa have realised RCS’ potential and are implementing it as part of their customer communication strategy. However, 22 million mobile users in South Africa still don’t have access to RCS. Now, with Google slowly rolling out RCS, network operators should act quickly to benefit from its demand. By offering RCS as a service, operators can provide its subscribers with an enhanced, value-added messaging experience.

Cellfind, a leading mobile technology solutions company, is at the forefront of developing RCS technology. This company has realised its many benefits to both businesses and consumers and can work closely with network operators who want to embrace this innovative mobile technology.

Moving forward: The next evolution of SMS

Industry experts have called RCS the next evolution of SMS and a turning point in the way we communicate. Not only does this new technology offer plenty of revolutionary benefits to businesses, but it also makes it easy for everyone, including non-technical consumers, to enjoy a truly digital experience. Network operators can no longer afford not to embrace RCS, as it is quickly becoming the leading-edge of communicating and opening doors for enhanced user experiences.


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