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Defining Your Marketing Message: What, Who and Why.

A clarion marketing message can literally be the difference between phenomenal success in a marketing campaign or a dismal failure. A wise commander once said; ‘If the trumpet sounds an indistinct call, who will prepare for battle?’ Similarly, what customers to do largely depends on what they hear and that is entirely up to us …

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Unpacking The Power of Mobile Marketing For South African Businesses

Unpacking The Power of Mobile Marketing

When the mobile phone first raised its South African antenna in the early 1990s, we were all suitably impressed by this cunning little device. Who could have guessed that this “brick” as it was affectionately called, would morph into the sleek minicomputer that we have today? As the technology evolved, the potential power of mobile …

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Talking to Teenagers: Setting Safe Digital Boundaries

The term ‘teenager’ has become synonymous with the image of groups of semi-adults hunched over mobile devices for hours at a time – and rightly so. According to some (frankly, pretty scary) stats from Safe Search Kids, 77 percent of teens (12 – 17), and 56 percent of tweens (8 – 12) own a cell …

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Should You Be Using MMS Video Marketing In Your Business?

Do you find yourself wading through too many marketing choices in your business? Yes, there are enough options to make any business owner’s head spin, and enough how-to guides on the internet to make sure that you’ve got enough reading material for the next millennium. However, it may surprise you to know that good ole …

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