Defining Your Marketing Message: What, Who and Why.

A clarion marketing message can literally be the difference between phenomenal success in a marketing campaign or a dismal failure. A wise commander once said; ‘If the trumpet sounds an indistinct call, who will prepare for battle?’ Similarly, what customers to do largely depends on what they hear and that is entirely up to us to perfect.

With great IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) tools at our disposal, we have everything in place to pack a punch and have it land to the best effect. It comes down to defining our marketing message clearly.

What Makes a Successful Marketing Message?

It’s all about our marketing architecture. The message content is an essential ingredient for any successful campaign. It’s not a mistake to take a peek at what others are doing and saying. We can hitch a ride if there’s a smart idea out there but we primarily we look so that we understand how we can make a difference. There are various key messages we may need to create to define our marketing message.

  1. Corporate Messaging – defining our purpose and our value to the market.
  2. Brand Messaging – defines our company and our services.
  3. Product Messaging – defines our products and their key selling points.
  4. Crisis Messaging – used for service interruptions or to set the record straight in the case of false information.

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Unpacking What, Who and Why

 The What

Our aim must be crystal clear to ourselves for our marketing message to land. That may mean getting back to basics and reminding ourselves of our company goals and objectives. What outcome do we seek? What is it that we wish to strongly communicate? What is our company positioning, our identity, our values and our unique voice? After all, we don’t want to sound like everyone else.

The Who

The letter will never arrive if it incorrectly addressed. So, to whom do we wish to reach with our power-packed marketing message? If our audience references a broad spectrum then we need to accommodate that.  Investors listen very differently to casual purchasers. Some segment their target audience and devise suitable strategies and key messages for each target group.

The Why

Well has it been said – by greats such as Simon Sinek, that knowing the Why of anything gives the only reason for the What and the Who. In the case of smart Marketing Messaging, the Why has plenty to do with why we imagine our message would move our audience.

Here are 7 golden rules to factor in:

  1. Are we making their participation simple?
  2. Have we provided relevant incentives?
  3. Is our content distinctive?
  4. Is our message memorable?
  5. Would our target audience pay it forward?
  6. Is our message credible?
  7. Is our message clear and concise?

If it means redefining our marketing message, then let’s have the courage to change what we can. We sail in turbulent fiscal waters in unpredictable trade winds. It’s about not focussing on the storm and all the hit and miss campaigns out there. It’s about keeping our compass calibrated to true north, so we accurately reach our target audience with a well-defined Marketing Message. This is never something we should leave to chance.

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