What is Mobile ID and How Can it Benefit South African Businesses?

You’ve heard of Mobile ID, you’ve most probably made use of it yourself, but what exactly is this alchemy that is creeping into our connection super-highway?

Mobile ID relates to your digital user identity. It refers to who you are online and includes the technology that you use, your biometrics, phone number, and other personal data that you have shared with mobile service providers.

The fact that mobile devices account for over half of all web traffic worldwide gives us a hint as to why the Mobile ID service has become such a welcome addition to our digital stable.

We’re going to unpack Mobile ID a little further and highlight how it can benefit your business and your clients.

Solutions for eCommerce

For years Google has been pushing businesses towards creating a safe and user-friendly mobile version of their online space. We’ve seen a boom in apps to further simplify mobile interactions.

The shift to mobile is exciting for eCommerce as it opens up so many opportunities.

But there’s a problem.

According to a report from Adobe Digital Insights, there is a huge discrepancy between the traffic recorded from mobile devices and the corresponding revenue. Their study found that retailers showed an impressive 50+% of mobile visitors, but these only resulted in 27% of checkouts.

The reasons for this were varied but followed a common thread: that of convenience and security.

Mobile customers are focused on a fast and efficient experience. Therefore, interruptions like pop-ups or any unnecessary friction may result in a lost sale. On the other hand, we are all acutely aware of online fraud, so the security measures that we have in place must be adequate.

20% of customers admit that they have abandoned their shopping cart because of security concerns, and just under 50% of people have left the mobile site due to an interruptive experience.

Security for Retailers

The flip side of this coin is that retailers, too, must be careful and exercise due diligence when accepting online payments from customers. Verification is essential, and certain checks and balances must be in place.

Finding the middle ground between a fast and seamless customer experience and a safe and secure checkout for both parties isn’t easy.

Finance and Health

Both the financial and the health sectors are experiencing the benefits of Mobile ID services.

The protection afforded to consumers is considerable, allowing the safe transfer of medical information and update of medical records, banking information, financial portfolios, and more. In fact, Mobile Money is transforming the financial landscape. It is used in over 92 countries and is an excellent example of how Mobile ID services perform securely as a unique identifier.

We have been using usernames and passwords for so long, and we undoubtedly have dozens of these stored somewhere ‘safe’ because we simply can’t remember them all. With so many apps and services, isn’t it easier to just use – for example – our fingerprint?

We think so.

Mobile ID is the Answer

Mobile ID makes use of various data to verify a user during their online experience. The true beauty of it is that it runs quietly in the background, in real-time, without interrupting your customers’ interactions whether on your website or your app.

What sort of verification is going on behind closed doors?

Mobile ID will verify factors such as the user’s mobile phone number, their location, and the type of device they are using. Their current personal details such as name, address, biometric info, and gender are all verified from the records held by their service provider.

This makes form-filling a cinch, which, to be honest, can be a bit of a bore when trying to type on a small screen. It also allows for enhanced accuracy by pulling existing information instead of having to enter ID or mobile numbers, eliminating the margin of error.

The technology associated with Mobile ID is growing day by day and we are seeing other data such as accurate face and voice recognition and even your individual walking gait included.

Where to From Here?

The benefits of Mobile ID are clear, even though we’ve just skimmed the surface of this incredibly smart service.

Can you increase your online revenue by using Mobile ID? Will your customers feel safer and will their data be more secure? Can you offer a faster online service to your valuable clients?

If these incredible benefits have piqued your interest, please get in touch with the Cellfind team. Let us introduce you to the world of Mobile ID and show you exactly how it will work in your business.

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