WhatsApp for Business: Its benefits and how to use it

Founded in 2009, WhatsApp has risen to become one of the most used instant communication applications with around 300 million active users daily. Since its launch, this easy-to-use application has mostly been used for casual chats between friends and family, however, with WhatsApp's new business solution, there is a lot of buzz around its benefits for progressive businesses and startups. Its features make it easier than ever to connect and communicate with consumers in an innovative and modern way. [...]

WhatsApp API for Business – The Gamechanger You’ve Been Waiting For

Most of us are more than familiar with the ‘ping’ of a WhatsApp message. In fact, global numbers are showing WhatsApp to be one of the most popular and most commonly downloaded apps in use daily by some 1.5 billion people as of 2017. Consider some of these stats: (Source) 5 billion users in 180 countries make WhatsApp the most popular messaging app in the world – 0.2 billion more than stablemate Facebook Messenger One billion daily active WhatsApp users 65 billion WhatsApp [...]

SMS vs WhatsApp For Business – What Are The Facts?

Do you remember in those old movies when the girl and the guy were “meant to be” but then the hip new kid came into the neighbourhood and she liked him more? And then, of course, it turned out he wasn’t all he was cracked up to be and she returned to her true love and they bought a car and a cat called Nigel and lived happily ever after. Well, the same can be said of the story [...]

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