The Benefits of WhatsApp Business API for eCommerce

WhatsApp is one of the fastest-growing communication platforms in the world. Those who use this form of communication are sending millions of messages daily. So, using the WhatsApp Business API for eCommerce should be something you are considering, especially for growing businesses.

There are several ways of using the WhatsApp Business API that can benefit your company, and compelling reasons why you should be using it if you are not already!

Why Choose WhatsApp?

There are three primary uses for WhatsApp business API in eCommerce:

  • Creating a business presence on WhatsApp
  • Being able to send programmed notifications
  • Having an automated or manual response option to customer enquiries and communication

The benefits of using this platform include the following:

  • Offering a personal post-purchase experience such as order updates, delivery tracking, and personal feedback
  • The use of WhatsApp for customer support, which can easily integrate with most existing customer service platforms
  • Drawing new customers in via onsite chatbots, opting in for notifications and campaign ads

WhatsApp and Small Businesses

One of the biggest benefits of using the WhatsApp API for business is that you can work with it just as easily as a small business. You don’t even need to have a running website as yet; you can add a “chat to us” or “WhatsApp us” button to your social media platforms such as your Facebook business page.

As a small business, you are always looking to grow your clientele and what better way than to make use of a giant in communications such as WhatsApp?

Integrating WhatsApp Business APIs in eCommerce

There are a few popular choices when it comes to integrating WhatsApp Business APIs in eCommerce. These options include using your business website (if you have one) and Facebook pages.

Ecommerce ChatBot

A simple way to start a conversation with a potential client, these bots work slightly differently from the average one: they direct a visitor to WhatsApp rather than through to a website.

By simply clicking on the “chat button” they are either redirected to their WhatsApp if on their phones, or a secondary screen if on a laptop or PC. This has a great advantage as you can use all of WhatsApp’s features to communicate and share information that they are requesting.

WhatsApp Opt-In Forms

Any business owner would encourage a conversation, a platform to ask questions or get further information on a product. By using WhatsApp Business APIs, eCommerce has another tool to offer to potential customers rather than having them head straight to a competitor for example:-  Item out of stock? Opt for updates on stock availability via WhatsApp.

Facebook and WhatsApp

Using Facebook for your business needs is a cheaper way to start than investing in a website upfront. You can integrate WhatsApp with your Facebook page or shop simply by clicking the add WhatsApp button option. This takes your Facebook hits to a new level and encourages conversations where potential customers may just have scrolled over.

The Post-Customer Experience

The sale is done. But does that mean the customer experience should end there? It shouldn’t! With the right tools, you can use the WhatsApp Business API for eCommerce post-purchase follow-ups. These could be delivery updates, recommendations of products, or loyalty programs to name just a few.  What better way to encourage a one-time customer to become a potential returning customer than to offer the best possible after-sales service?

Investing in the WhatsApp Business API

If you think that WhatsApp has a lot to give and would be beneficial to your business, then your first step is to upgrade to the WhatsApp Business API. While WhatsApp is free to download, the WhatsApp Business API is a major step up and offers a whole lot more firepower than the free version.

Your first step is to contact a Business Service Provider and obtain access from there. These services are no longer free of charge, but you are provided with advanced features that improve and benefit your business.

Encouraging Conversations

We all like to have as much information as possible before we make an online purchase or book for a new service. So why not take every opportunity available to make sure customers and potential customers can communicate with you quickly and easily?

Making use of the WhatsApp Business API for eCommerce is a win-win for both a business and a customer, and is a simple way to boost your reputation and your brand. Considering the volume of messages that are already sent via WhatsApp daily, what’s not to love about this ever-growing platform?

If you would like any more information about how you can best use the WhatsApp Business API for eCommerce, contact us today and chat with one of our friendly team members.

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