What is Workforce Mobility

What is Workforce Mobility?

The quick answer to the title question is to switch the words around. Workforce mobility refers to the mobile workforce.  Using a definite article ‘the’, rather than the indefinite ‘a’ is deliberate. Workforce mobility is not a futuristic possibility, it’s been a reality for some time and now references a growing 70 % of the …

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How To Manage Your Workforce With Business SMS

How To Manage Your Workforce With Business SMS?

Can I really manage my workforce better using business SMS? If this question has left you a little puzzled, then we’d love for you to read on and find out how the humble SMS is leading the charge for effective and surprisingly fast business communication. You may be surprised at some of the statistics. What …

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How Have Smartphones Revolutionised Business

How Have Smartphones Revolutionised Business?

Where were you in 2007? Did you know that while you were enjoying a business retreat or starting an exciting new venture, the world was in a state of upheaval – only, no-one knew it at the time. Yes, 2007 was the “Year of the Smartphone” when Apple launched their first iPhone and changed the …

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The Use of Mobile Payslips Identify Technologically Advanced Companies

If you were offered the opportunity to save money, increase security and make your staff just that little bit happier, would you investigate it? Without sounding like some over-enthusiastic multilevel marketing recruit, this is exactly what companies who make the switch to mobile payslips experience. Bryan Collins wrote an article for Sage discussing the value …

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How A Unified Messaging Platform Saves You Time And Money

How many communications devices do you have? A smartphone? Laptop? Tablet? Now imagine those multiplied across all the employees in your company. It’s a mind-boggling number. Especially when you think of all the vital messages and other communication passing between all these individual devices every single day. And what happens if one person’s device is …

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Is Talk Really Cheap? Here’s How To Save On Your Corporate Communications

Five billion. That’s how many smartphone users there are likely to be by 2019. That’s five billion people who are pretty much always online, and always available – and they expect you to be too. Your employees need to be on call from anywhere, at any time. With consumers increasingly connected to more advanced technology, you simply …

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