Is Talk Really Cheap? Here’s How To Save On Your Corporate Communications

Five billion. That’s how many smartphone users there are likely to be by 2019. That’s five billion people who are pretty much always online, and always available – and they expect you to be too. Your employees need to be on call from anywhere, at any time. With consumers increasingly connected to more advanced technology, you simply can’t afford to hide behind outdated communication systems. The idea that business only happens during business hours is no longer a thing. Business hours are pretty much whenever your customers want them to be.

Modern businesses need modern business communication systems. And modern business communications system are all about mobility. Mobility doesn’t just mean being able to make calls on a mobile phone. It also includes such things as smart call forwarding, remote access for video meetings, document sharing, and telecommuting.

Telecommuting (the practice of working from home using the Internet, email, and telephone) is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, the number of telecommuting workers has increased by 115% in the past 10 years. The trend is particularly popular with Millennials. And, as this generation will comprise more than one out of every three adult Americans by 2020, and 75 percent of the workforce by 2025, their working preferences are set to irrevocably change the shape of the corporate landscape.

Identify Waste And Save On Corporate Communications

Obviously, then, your employees need to communicate with customers and fellow employees from wherever they are. Omnipresence is no longer the exclusive domain of the deities! But having all your employees on call all the time can get expensive. Many companies feel unable to find the kind of budget that allows for this kind of all-encompassing communication technology. The truth is, however, that a huge amount of money is wasted every year on ineffective or unused corporate communication channels. In fact, the average annual wastage on telecoms spend within the business sector is in the region of 20 percent, which costs the South Africa economy a staggering R20 billion every year. If you identify the areas where this wastage takes place, you can re-channel wasted funds into areas that actually make a positive difference to your business.

Many businesses struggle to understand their phone charges, of they simply don’t have to time to scan through every employee’s itemised bill. Most just accept the charges without question, thinking, “oh well, it’s about the same as  last month.” If you stopped to properly analyse how much you actually pay for your business phone services, it may well surprise – and horrify – you!

One thing all companies know about cell phones is how quickly mobile-related costs can spiral out of control. International roaming bills and out-of-data bundle usage are two of the usual culprits. Another area of wastage is with dormant, or unused contracts that you’re still paying for – even though the employees concerned have left. Somehow, their SIMs weren’t ever reallocated or retired, so you pay every month for out-of-use numbers.  And of course, you’re locked into a subscription contract from which even the great Houdini himself would struggle to escape.

Cost-Saving Corporate Communication Tips

Fortunately, however, it’s not all doom and gloom! Issue resolution and huge savings are both possible – without ever cancelling a contract. How? Simple:

  • Consolidate duplicate services, and remove those that are seldom, if ever, used.
  • Improve billing accuracy.
  • Check itemised bills for usage and other anomalies.
  • Review your contracts for compliance.
  • Optimise your service providers by benchmarking licences and prices. Consider consolidating or replacing uncompetitive service providers.
  • Standardise technology and optimisation across everything from equipment to licence fees, SLAs and connectivity.
  • Align your operating models to ensure compliance with usage and recovery policies and security.
  • Ensure vendor compliance around discounts, SLAs and penalties.

At the end of the day, you want to cultivate a successful relationship with your communications service provider that not only delivers on service levels but also on value for money and cost-effectiveness.

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