Cell C Introduces Emergency Services App

Cellfind has partnered with Cell C to deliver a value-added service mobile application to allow subscribers prompt access to emergency services.

Cellfind built the Cell C MiAssist app using its location-based technology and value-added service offering. Cell C also partnered with ER24 to provide emergency services on the app.

The app is available on both iOS and Android.

It is currently only offered to Cell C’s contract subscribers. However, Cellfind COO Jacques Swanepoel says the companies are busy with phase two, which will include prepaid customers.

“We’re excited to offer this service in partnership with Cell C. It is a powerful way for Cell C to add value to its subscribers’ lives by helping them to improve managing daily risks for themselves and their loved ones.

“Once the app is activated and opened, the home screen displays all the panic buttons. All the caller has to do is push the emergency button according to his or her situation,” he says.

The app provides emergency services such as:

Panic buttons: With a single push of a button or call to the emergency response centre, customers can call for help in the event of a medical emergency, home invasion or car hijacking. In a medical emergency, the crisis manager will immediately dispatch a road or air ambulance to provide life support and take the patient to the nearest hospital.

The home assist feature helps subscribers deal with home emergencies and provides a list of domestic tradesman to limit, minimise or prevent further damage to the home.

The vehicle assist service aids a stranded motorist – from changing a tyre, rescuing keys from inside a locked vehicle, or repairing minor problems such as blown fuses or broken fan belts.

Subscribers can also book a driver to drive them and their car home safely after an evening out.

The legal assist benefit gives customers 24/7 access to qualified lawyers and legal consultants. The service also provides some basic legal documents free of charge (lease agreement, power-of-attorney, will, domestic employment agreement, etc).

The service is available at R45/month for Cell C contract customers

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