Why Should You Choose White Label Products?

Are you guilty of reinventing the wheel in your business?

When we look around at the incredible technical innovations available in business today and the amazing minds behind them, there’s very little that we can conceive of that hasn’t already been done.

This fact has created a massive white label market which has opened doors which previously remained firmly shut – especially to smaller businesses.

What exactly is a white label product, and what are the benefits of making use of them in our business?

Defining White Label Products

White labelling, as it’s commonly known, is the process of repackaging and rebranding a product or service created by another company and selling it as your own.

While it may appear to be a somewhat dubious business practice, it is entirely legal and, in most cases, highly beneficial for both parties involved.

How so?

The benefits of buying white label products

We spoke earlier about reinventing the wheel (and paying dearly for it!) and this is what really forms the crux of the business behind white labelling.

Let’s take mobile apps for example.

Mobile use has been on the rise for years, with over half of all web traffic now coming from mobile devices. This makes apps a genuinely useful tool for many businesses and are being created for health tracking, call recording, learning languages, food planning, VR design, panic buttons, social channels and so much more.

They can also be prohibitively expensive though.

Reduced costs

Developing an app is a specialised skill, and creating one that works well, is free from glitches, and provides a brilliant user experience requires a good deal of know-how.

Smaller businesses may find that developing a bespoke app to fill a gap in their business is just too costly to be feasible. Therefore, sourcing a similar white-labelled app and requesting the necessary customisation in order to suit your business, is a faster and cheaper solution.

Reduced risk

Besides the costs involved, another consideration in favour of using white-labelled apps is the reduced business risk. Starting from ground zero and traversing the numerous development cycles, testing, and marketing en-route to the deployment of the final product can be hugely challenging.

Going white label gives you an immediately usable, refined, and professional product.

Proven solutions

There is no substitute for experience in the world of mobile apps. We are still learning the best ways to interact with customers while navigating the constantly shifting tech that comes our way.

A mobile app built on solid architecture, one that has been tried and tested by people whose business it is to make them flawless, cannot be easily recreated by a novice. Indeed, third-party developers have the focused expertise which you don’t.


If developing mobile apps is not your business, then you’ll be relieved to know that white labelled products are generally updated and maintained for you. Again, tech is galloping along, and apps need to keep up with the constant changes which affect their use.

Positive brand identity

Popping your branding on an excellent product instead of trying to tread the already worn path of developing something yourself, offers a positive brand identity.

Your users or customers likely won’t know that this isn’t your intellectual property, and probably won’t care either way. As long as it does what they need it to do, they’re happy.

Product bundling

In their quest to differentiate themselves in the market, many businesses are offering product bundles to their customers. These are often cheaper than they would be if sold individually, and they allow the customer to try a product or service which they weren’t aware of before.

For example, MiAssist offers a panic app which can be bundled together with cell phone contracts as an added customer benefit.

Realistically, the technology and infrastructure behind a mobile panic app, including the location-based services, the link to various emergency response teams, and the personnel behind the scenes is not something which can easily be recreated. However, it is a wonderfully valuable tool which most consumers would appreciate.

White Labelling in a Nutshell

From the bulk production of sausages to white label SaaS products to generic panic buttons – this market is a smart move for both producer and client.

Choosing the white label route gives you a solid, professional product minus the headache of development, as well as ongoing maintenance to set your mind at ease. It offers you an easy way of growing your business with little risk, and access to a host of products which can complement your own.

What’s not to love?

Cellfind draws on a strong base of technical skills and locally-owned intellectual property to create innovative mobile solutions to a wide range of industries including the Financial services, Medical, Media, and Telecommunications industries.

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