SMS For Healthcare Providers – Why It’s Necessary

With the rise of instant communication technology, companies are increasingly opting for more efficient ways to streamline communication processes for business. Customers are also now choosing easier and more affordable ways to communicate to save time. To keep up with customer preferences and to improve customer experience, businesses are starting to invest in simpler text messaging services, including SMS. With statistics showing that 100% of mobile phones now being able to receive text messages and 98% of all received messages being read, the benefits of SMS as a form of communication now far outweigh other methods. It makes sense to utilise one platform that everyone uses, and the healthcare industry has realised this. It has now come on board by using this modern essential to communicate with patients and staff.

Investing in a healthy communication option

Cellfind, a leading mobile technology company, believes simple text message remains one of the most reliable, efficient and affordable ways to interact. Their SMS offering includes a two-way communication service, automation, visual branding benefits and reliable delivery to all major networks. For healthcare providers, investing in an easy-to-use SMS API from Cellfind can greatly improve patient experiences and staff communication without having to spend a fortune.

Cellfind’s omnichannel Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) can also add real-time communications features, including voice, chat and mobile messaging, into existing systems allowing messages to persist across different channels and platforms depending on customer requirements. It’s an easy and affordable solution to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction without making major changes to existing systems.

Managing a healthcare facility comes with enough challenges, communication shouldn’t be one. With simple text messaging, service providers can keep patients’ health top of mind and focus on care instead of communication methods. Let’s look at a few benefits of integrating SMS into a healthcare provider’s system.

Confirming appointments 

SMS messaging provides an effective and affordable way for healthcare workers to confirm or cancel scheduled appointments and to change appointment times and dates. This non-intrusive solution makes it easier to keep track of changes, reduces the number of no-shows and can save a healthcare provider valuable time and money.

Providing results in real-time

Medical SMS can reduce working hours by sending out results, parameters and other useful information in real-time. Two-way messaging can also be used to answer quick questions regarding information sent.

Sending scripts 

With SMS as a communication channel, a service provider can improve health outcomes by sending out reminders to patients to collect renewed scripts or to take certain medications. This is useful to save costs on prescriptions that are no longer needed and offers a highly beneficial value-add service to patients.

Communicating internal information to staff 

Often important information needs to be sent out to a large group of staff. This can include roster alerts, shift reminder and non-confidential information about meetings and operating hours. Healthcare providers often operate longer hours, with staff working shifts. Text messages make it easy to send out a bulk SMS to ensure all staff stay updated and can reply at a convenient time.

Gathering customer satisfaction surveys 

Customer reviews are important to any business or organisation, including those in the healthcare sector. SMS can now be used to send out customer satisfaction surveys and to collect the data. This can assist owners and managers to make important changes to improve customer service in the future.

Consider omnichannel messaging for more customer-focused communication

With omnichannel CPaaS messaging, an establishment can create more contextual communication. This customer-focused multichannel solution provides more messaging options to allow patients the choice to decide in which way they want to communicate with their healthcare provider. This feature simply offers the provider a platform to facilitate, integrate and manage the engagement.

Choosing SMS as a form of communication offers plenty of benefits and can greatly improve patient-doctor relationships. When you choose Cellfind as your provider for SMS for business solutions, you get efficient and effective support throughout the integration process. Cellfind also offers software development kits (SDKs) and libraries for building applications on different desktop and mobile platforms, making it incredibly easy to implement SMS as a business communication solution.

Give SMS messaging a try and improve your healthcare facility’s communication processes.

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