Cellfind LiveChat – Instant Gratification For Valuable Customers

Are you aware of Cellfind’s LiveChat solution?

Why did we go to the trouble of developing a LiveChat service, and does it offer any real benefits to businesses which interact online?

We think so, and we’re very excited to tell you why.

Cellfind LiveChat – What is it?

Cellfind LiveChat is a cheap but highly effective method of interacting with customers online without dedicating time and money to call centre infrastructure.

Cellfind LiveChat has been designed for the business that wants enhanced customer service. The system is built on a robust platform that allows for the integration of smartphones into existing call centre environments.

A dedicated end-to-end environment is deployed (or created if necessary) which allows for immediate and efficient customer response from dedicated call centre agents.

As a Cloud-based system, there is a reduced need for additional, costly infrastructure, and it can be deployed quickly.

Why Live Chat?

Customer expectations are at an all-time high.

They have an enormous selection of information on products, services, reviews, (good or bad!) from which to choose, with the caveat that it needs to be delivered quickly and in an easy-to-digest format. (What that basically means is that our customers want instant gratification.)

Yes, they can pick up the phone and call, but a dropping a quick question to a waiting call centre agent is just as quick – probably quicker!

So, what other benefits does the Cellfind LiveChat service bring with it?

Customer Resolution

A customer with a question can very quickly turn into a customer with a problem.

Ask any call centre agent and they will tell you that the longer a matter takes to resolve, the more irate and less forgiving the customer is. Clogged phone lines and extended waiting times are going to do nobody any favours.

Therefore, being available to immediately answer questions or solve problems gives you happier customers and an excellent brand reputation.


More customers than ever before are going online to research a product or company before the point of purchase. During this information-gathering process, having a friendly live chat operator at hand to answer questions or make the sale easier will certainly result in a higher online conversion rate.

The Paper Trail

Have you ever tried to explain a particularly complex issue to a call centre agent? A poor phone connection, a softly spoken agent, or an enormous volume of information can make a resolution almost impossible.

In this instance, chatting to a real person in real-time, noting down (in writing) the problem, is a far easier way to go about solving the problem. The issue can be clearly noted, and the solution saved for future reference if necessary.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Using a live chat support service provider gives you a superior service level which enables you to stand out from the crowd. We know that just one interaction, whether positive or negative, can colour a customer’s opinion of your business – so we aim to assist you in making yours positive, fast, and memorable.

Increase Customer Loyalty

A happy customer is a loyal customer. And of course, a loyal customer will keep coming back to you and tell his friends to do the same.

Keeping your customers happy is easy with a live chat function, giving them personalised, effective and instant solutions. Isn’t that, after all, what everyone wants?

Focus on Your Core Business

By outsourcing your live chat support, your business team can focus on areas within the company which may require attention, or attend to other important functions. You can rest assured that your business’ reputation is safe, and your customers are happy because you are working with a highly professional and very affordable customer service organisation.

We Love Going Live

Yes, we know that customer service is one of the single biggest differentiators of today’s online business world. We know that customers want fast, effective and personal service. We also know that the happier our customers are, the more they spend and the longer they stay with us.

Live Chat is a no-brainer, and one of the most cost-effective ways of introducing a live, 24/7 instant customer support solution for your online business.

Would you like to know more about Cellfind LiveChat? Contact one of our friendly agents today and we will assist you with pleasure.

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