Why Gamification Should Be A Priority In Mobile Marketing Business Solutions

If there’s one phenomenon in the ‘new world of work’ that’s catching on fast, it’s adding the element of fun into mobile solutions for businesses. This aspect of mobile marketing is a well-substantiated and proven add-on it’s akin to instant gratification in the ROI (return on investment) department. Borrowing heavily from the way E-sports developed, gamification campaigns catapult businesses into higher profits and beyond because customers can connect emotionally to brands and they become fiercely loyal. All you’ll need lies in the well-experienced hands of the professionals who’ve perfected the techniques. To that end, Cellfind at your service!

The Glory of Gamification in Mobile Marketing Campaigns

First up, the buzz word ‘gamification’ is not an attempt to snazzy up what everyone knows as ‘gaming’, nor is it new. Mobile business solutions have started to use it since 2010. Gamifying (the verb) or gamification (the adjective) denotes a multipronged approach that applies gaming principles to non-gaming arenas such as mobile marketing as a sure-fire engagement tool to drive user behaviour toward products or services provided.

  • Affordability – traditional marketing is renowned to be astronomical in costs. Not so with Gamification strategies. Award-winning software programs make it a cinch as it creates a one-stop-shop for all the elements involved in marketing campaigns ‘saving you time, saving you money’ (thank you Nashua).
  • Reachability – mobile marketing business solutions are aimed at customers using devices that have access to the internet, apps and social media. Gamification becomes the ultimate choice here as conversions and formatting for various platforms are easily implemented. In short, it’s no exaggeration to state that a gamification campaign reach is unlimited.
  • Adblocker Foil – Gamification uses HTML, which falls outside the detectable Ad formats of traditional advertising. So, forget video ads or banners, gamification foils them all. What would anyone give to be able to fly under the proverbial radar and reach customers in a way that works without irritating them?
  • Bigger and Better – the mobile marketing business finds the ultimate solution in the astounding replay value gamification provides. Users are driven by their own excitement to beat the highest score – be it theirs or someone else’s and earn bigger and better rewards. The stats report an incredible 170% purchaser intent increase with gamification strategies compared to standard video or ad rewards.
  • Smart Psychology for Brand Awareness – gamification bypasses the grudge participation often felt by users regarding standard videos. In the world of mobile business solutions, consumers prefer feeling in control and gamification satisfies that as well as the ‘feel-good’ pull of a sense of achievement and fun that create positive emotions for brand names. Another thing; users are unconsciously receptive to strategically placed branding every time they play a game. Subliminal brand awareness advertising has just been overthrown by the ‘hiding in plain sight’ style gamification employs.
  • GPDR Friendly – as of May 2018, the EU (European Union) introduced GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) to ensure regulatory compliance of how corporations implementing mobile business solutions collect and process the personal data of individuals. Most users are happy to provide email id or a social profile to sign up, which is a gold mine for lead nurturing.

In short, there are no negatives in gamification as a strategic part of the mobile solution for business when it comes to marketing campaigns. Having maintained its efficacy for almost a decade since its introduction to the marketing landscape, improved technologies have only increased the ability of businesses to ride the changing tides of marketing with greater skill.

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