Quick Wins – vSMSC for Finance and Banking

You are signing up with a new bank. You are asked whether you want to receive your notifications, promotions, OTPs (or whatever else is on offer) via SMS or email. Wait, what?

The first thing you think about is who still receives any information by SMS anymore? Isn’t email and WhatsApp the way everyone – including businesses in banking and finances – has gone?

The answer to this question is no, and we know that surprises you. But keep reading to find out why vSMSC in finance and banking is still one of the most popular methods of communication.

vSMSC for Finance and Banking

Traditionally, all banking information is sent via SMS. So why have finance and banking not “moved with the times” and upgraded to a more modern approach to communication? The answer is straightforward: SMS is still the most common and accessible form of communication.

So your company is not using vSMSC (Virtual Short Message Service Center for those of you who are not familiar with the term) to communicate with your customers? Maybe you should be reconsidering this choice after looking at the benefits you are missing out on.

One of the major stand-out benefits of using a system like vSMSC is that you are in direct contact with your customers, without a “middle man”. This is a huge move in the right direction when it comes to reliability, security and speed of communication.

Quick Win #1

Not everyone has a smartphone, and not every phone supports all apps and data. But whether you have the latest Samsung or iPhone, or the legendary Nokia 3310 (that still has battery life from when you last changed it in 2010) all phones are SMS compatible.

And SMSs don’t require data to be received. This means that there is no additional cost to your customers other than what they are already paying, and no one is relying on the inconsistent signal in and around South Africa during load shedding or other issues. This is a big factor when you consider the importance of the messages you are sending to your customers relating to their money, investments, payments, and more.

Quick Win #2

vSMSC can be a time and money saver, and what business doesn’t want this? Think about how many customers you have to contact. Think about the time it would take to message each one individually each time you have something new to offer them.

Imagine what else you can achieve with the manpower you would be putting towards this one tiny task. Bulk messaging is the ideal way to communicate with customers while still being able to grow and expand your business. In fact, making use of a third party vSMSC allows you to send thousands of messages from any phone or computer, track them, and reply with superlative ease.

Quick Win #3

Keeping your customers happy is paramount to a successful business. One unhappy customer on social media can destroy all your years of hard work in minutes. Banking and finance are especially competitive industries and customers will switch without a second thought.

vSMSC offers the perfect solution for customer service while maintaining flexible and secure communications that customers expect from the finance and banking industry. It gives you the ability to override and prioritise time-sensitive messages, and no compromise is made to existing schedules. Messages are guaranteed to be delivered on time, and securely.

Quick Win #4

Using virtual phone numbers for bulk SMS means easy accessibility. It doesn’t require a phone and can be used on almost any device. It also means that you are able to send (and receive if needed) a bulk message from anywhere, anytime.

An added bonus of working with vSMSC is that you can automate workflows with auto responses and any campaigns you may run. And the integration with any apps or tools the business already uses is quick and easy.

A Final Win

Yes SMS may be seen as an “outdated” form of communication, but the platforms surround vSMSC are incredibly high tech. It is a modern solution to a reliable form of communication that allows you to be in contact with customers, employees or any new business lead, providing open, affordable communication whenever, wherever.

vSMSC Wins for Finance and Banking

Like in any industry, the ability to offer the best service means customer retention. vSMSC in finance and banking is a way to give your customers what they want: great service without compromising their security.


If you think that this is something you should be considering (and we highly recommend it is) then contact Cellfind today. We will also answer any other questions you may have about vSMSC.

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