Are You Adding Value for Your Clients/Consumer This Festive Season?

Over the past year, we’ve all been told to tighten our belts and think outside the box, along with a host of other platitudes and clichés which may help us get through another month.

The fact is, when it comes to business, we know that the market is tight. We are fully aware that we need to work smarter and explore every means of adding value for our clients which is a key way to ensure a stable business and happy, loyal clients.

We think that these value-adds need to be strategically considered and should start at the very top, aligned with the consumers actual needs. Businesses need to add real-world, practical products and services and avoid the trap of “perceived value”.

So how can we, as businesses, do this?

Adding real client value

In order to add real value to our customers we need to understand what their needs are and how we can satisfy them in the best way possible.

We’d like to offer two very different examples which are highly relevant over the festive season and are sure to offer real value for consumers.

Mobile statements

You’re probably wondering how mobile statements are a client value add, especially over the festive season.

Let’s explore this in a little more detail and all will become clear.

Money Management says, “If there’s one time of the year when people shop with their heart, not their head, it’s the holiday season,” said Gail Cunningham, spokesperson for the National Foundation for Credit Counselling® (NFCC). “Emotional spending during the holidays is often the tipping point that pushes people over the edge financially, as common sense can take a backseat during this time of the year.”

There is a fine line between a festive season spending spree and financial suicide, and as responsible businesses, we want to ensure that our customers are fully aware of how much they are spending. If we can assist them in careful budgeting, wise financial planning, and overall better decisions during the holiday season, then why wouldn’t we?

Mobile statements are proving to be a simple and convenient way for your customers to keep track of their spending. Quick, easy to access, up-to-date information delivered straight to their phone? What’s not to love!

A brilliant article from Bankers Trust lists several spending mistakes that consumers tend to make over the holiday season, many of which can be assisted in some way through accurate, timely, accessible mobile statements.

We love number one which says, “So, you sat down, you calculated it out, and you decided on this year’s holiday budget – great!

“But for some of us, this holiday budget goes right out the window the minute we step into a store or start shopping online. We are bombarded by the “best” holiday deals with the “perfect” holiday gift for all of the loved ones in our life. In these situations, it is crucial you stick to your budget. You made your budget for a reason: helping you stay on track to meet your long-term financial goals. Don’t let an unexpected bargain get in the way of your financial dreams.”

Mobile panic buttons

The second offer we’d like to chat about is Cellfind’s white-label mobile panic button. This has been included in several business bundles and has proven its worth time and again.

XtracktMe is an excellent example of real-world benefits for the consumer. They say, “XtracktMe is an app which will become your go-to helpline for reliable and convenient services when you need them the most.

“XtracktMe not only offers affordable emergency services across the country but is also backed by a professional call centre 24/7. It is easy to use and convenient, with the app installed on your phone, your phone becomes your very own helpline. XtracktMe and its partners are working towards becoming South Africa’s most affordable and comprehensive emergency service mobile application. Turning your phone into your lifeline!”

As the season gets sillier, we see the teens gearing up for functions such as the Rage Fest which sounds like a whole lot of fun, but probably puts parents in a state of mild panic until their child is safely home.  The peace of mind that comes with knowing your child has a mobile panic button that can locate and extract them in case of an emergency is unparalleled.

Similar apps are being used for roadside and accident assistance as families gear up for their annual migration to the seaside.

Can you offer something similar to your customers? Would it be a beneficial value add to services such as insurance, medical cover, or travel?

Summing Up

Yes, the past year has been challenging for us all. However, we feel that the only way is up, and for us, that means creating brilliant products and services to offer our clients. We know that these will help them to assist their customers better, adding real value to real people.

Would you like to know more? Contact the Cellfind team and we’ll be happy to assist.

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