Everything You Need to Know About International SMS

If you’re running a small to medium-sized business, a cost-effective platform for reliable communication with your overseas customers is imperative. Sent from one wireless operator to another in a different county, international SMS is a convenient and cost-friendly way to ensure global coverage by being able to send and receive instant messages, even without internet access.

Why Use International SMS?

As the business world shrinks, customers have become more than simply local residents. Not only is international SMS a cheaper way to reach far-flung customers but it’s also a highly effective and ideal platform for communications and campaigns that require a high level of delivery confidence. Engaging the right audience at the right time with this speedy service, where time-sensitive offers can be scheduled for different time zones, also opens up a whole new level of business opportunities.

With over 98 percent of messages opened and read in less than two minutes, SMS generates greater customer engagement and response than other forms of electronic communication. Text messaging has been shown to engage better than email. This means you can reach your global customers with more confidence that they are both receiving and reading your messages.

How Can I Send an International SMS?

In order to expand your customer base globally using a higher level of communication and broader scope marketing strategy, sign up with Cellfind as your service partner. With our industry-leading platform and infrastructure, we ensure your business-related messages are delivered effectively and to your international customers promptly. You will also have the option to personalise your SMSs whereby you can insert unique data into the messages such as a person’s name, points balance and any other custom data using the #MACRO# feature.

Employing a service partner like Cellfind, grants you access to in-depth real-time reporting and analysis for each message to gauge the efficacy of your campaigns and highlight areas of improvement.

How Much Will it Cost to Send International SMS Messages?

Prices will depend on the volume of the international messages you plan to send and is influenced by which countries the messages are destined for.

What is an SMS API?

If you want to keep your marketing strategies up-to-date so you don’t lose clients to your competitors, it’s time to look at integrating your business systems with a functional SMS API.

SMS API refers to a software integration interface that enables code to send short messages through an SMS API platform. It basically lets you build a personalised SMS channel for sending and receiving all your messages.

Once set up by Cellfind, a functional SMS API will help you to send and receive SMS from your application over HTTP/S or SMPP. Delivery reports and inbound messages can then be sent back to your server in real-time.

The content of your SMS message will also determine how it is sent. SMS messages can be sent application-to-person (A2P) or person-to-person (P2P). A2P messaging is used for one-way communication where the sender does not expect a reply such as marketing messages, 2-factor authentication and appointment reminders.  P2P messaging is used by two or more people for back and forth communication such as service messages, delivery enquiries or enquiries about the status of an order.

When it comes to sending an international SMS, be aware when planning your marketing strategies that each country has its own best practices and guidelines. This may affect how your message arrives. For example, some countries limit the times during which you can send marketing and promotional messages, also requiring opt-in from the message recipients whereas other countries may filter out objectionable or gambling-related content.

Cellfind can assist your business activities further by setting up a short code, which is a 3-6-digit number used for sending SMS. Short Codes are pre-approved for higher throughput, with a default of 100 messages per second. Short Codes allow for marketing communications, customer feedback, competitions, donations, selling content and other services.

Why Should I Use a Mobile Service Partner for International SMS?

When you enlist the services of Cellfind to organise your international SMS program, there is no guesswork, you can be assured your personal data is secure, and you get to concentrate on doing business while they take care of the rest.

Cellfind’s International SMS systems:

  • A cost-effective solution offering an excellent ROI
  • Give you great conversion rates compared to other communication options
  • Ensure reliable and speedy delivery of messages to your global customers
  • Give you the option to target and personalise communication for maximum impact
  • Schedule your messages to accommodate various time zones
  • Provide detailed reporting and analysis

Contact the Cellfind Business Team today and inquire about their affordable pricing options to take your business marketing and communication to the next level with their International SMS service options.


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