Mobile Statements Lifts The Burden of Estate Management

There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of, “Let he who shouts the loudest be heard first.” And when month end creeps around and payday is just around the corner, this is very often the case for those of us who are expecting payments in. In these uncertain economic times, how will you make sure that your clients remember their debts and make their payment on time?

While this challenge remains true of almost every business, it is especially the case for the powers that be within Estate Management.

The Challenges of Estate Management

Running a residential or mixed-use estate has its own unique set of challenges. For example, your responsibilities include general administration, financial management and of course, remaining legally compliant.

Communicating with dozens of families, trusts, landlords or business owners within your estate is a complex endeavour, to say the least. Ensuring that the grounds are maintained, that the noisy tenants in 18B are behaving themselves and that nobody tries to sneak pets into the grounds is an ongoing headache.

Success in one area, however, is critical to the estate – that of financial management.

Mobile Statements Are The Answer To Successful Estate Management

When you consider that estate managers are administering levy payments, maintenance, payments of 3rd-party contractors, electrical and water consumption, deposits and the like, we start to see how these responsibilities can pile up.

A mobile statement is proving to be the perfect solution to the complicated and convoluted financial systems within estates.

Why is that? What benefits do mobile statements offer?

Mobile statements assist with the efficient delivery of invoices, statements legal notices, and other confidential information directly to your customer’s phone.

  • Personal & Secure Mobile Statements – Your database of customers (be they tenants, landlords or businesses) is easily imported into the software managing your mobile statements for a personalised experience. Each statement contains the unique information required for fast, secure payments or dissemination of important information.
  • Branded, Tailored Products – Customise your notifications to suit your audience, branded for your estate.
  • Instant, Tracked Delivery – Notifications are delivered directly to the recipient and offer live read receipts. This eliminates lost post and the probability of the customer denying that they received their last bill.
  • Money Saving – Far less money is spent on printing and paper costs. You’re saving the environment and saving money!
  • Stay Compliant – Advanced reporting tools keep you compliant from a legal perspective. All notifications are date and time stamped along with their read receipts.
  • Easy Access – Your tenants and landlords can quickly and easily access past statements and payment history. This simplified accounting procedures as customers can be directed to their mobile phone for almost every piece of information they may need.
  • Timely Delivery – Schedule your mobile statements to go out at the correct time in order to stay front of mind and schedule reminders for those who need them.
  • No Additional Software – Mobile statements integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.

Estate Management Just Got More Manageable

It’s easy to see how mobile statements are clearing the traditional hurdles of estate management and removing headaches along the way.

We know that the key to a successful business lies in timely, accurate communication. Sometimes, it’s simply too much work to manage the individual problems within a large estate all the while staying on top of the financials. This system allows your notifications, statements, bills and reminders to go out at the right time, on the right day, to the right person.

Of course, the major reason why these systems work so incredibly well is because of the ubiquitous mobile phone. A simple feature phone or a high-end smartphone receive, respond and display the essential notifications you wish to send equally well.

Will you be the one shouting the loudest? With mobile statements working with your estate management systems, you don’t have to.

Contact Cellfind for more information on our brilliant mobile services for your business.

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