WhatsApp for Business: Its benefits and how to use it

Founded in 2009, WhatsApp has risen to become one of the most used instant communication applications with around 300 million active users daily. Since its launch, this easy-to-use application has mostly been used for casual chats between friends and family, however, with WhatsApp’s new business solution, there is a lot of buzz around its benefits for progressive businesses and startups. Its features make it easier than ever to connect and communicate with consumers in an innovative and modern way. This includes access to group texts, sharing photos and videos, and securely sending and receiving documents. Additionally, WhatsApp text messaging makes it easy to communicate on the move, so customers can connect with businesses when it is most convenient for them. If employed correctly WhatsApp can take any business to new heights. Let’s look at how WhatsApp works for businesses:

How does Whatsapp for businesses work?

In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp for a staggering US$19 billion. Since then, the platform has been developed to be more business friendly. At first, many were sceptical to use this application for professional purposes, but once its benefits became clear, it was slowly integrated into the business world. Today, with the WhatsApp API for Business, you can simply sign up for a business account where you can load a profile, including a description, your address and your trading hours.

Mobile technology solutions company Cellfind has realised the benefits WhatsApp holds for businesses and are currently finalising a WhatsApp Business API solution. This will allow businesses in a wide range of industries to invest in this user-friendly communication tool to connect with customers, staff and other stakeholders. Here is how Cellfind’s solution will benefit its users:

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp for business?

Quick and easy communication

WhatsApp is known for its efficiency with messages usually being delivered within seconds. Additionally, the platform also offers a function known as ‘Quick Replies’ that allows frequently sent messages to be reused with a simple click of a button.

Convenience through autoreplies

Businesses often neglect communication to customers because they have to focus on many other core aspects. With WhatsApp, businesses no longer have to worry about not replying to messages, as you can automate texts. This not only saves time, but it creates trust and credibility with customers.

Valuable statistics

WhatsApp offers access to certain statistics that can be highly valuable for businesses. This includes important metrics, such as how many messages were sent, received, delivered and opened, which is especially useful for promotional messages and marketing campaigns through WhatsApp.

Improved customer service

Excellent customer service has become the top priority for many consumers today. If your business wants to improve its service, it is worthwhile to invest in WhatsApp, which is always available and incredibly convenient.

WhatsApp for business etiquette

What may be a fitting time for you to communicate with customers or staff, may not be convenient for them. Just like with any other communication method, certain rules need to be followed if your business decides to make use of the benefits WhatsApp has to offer. This includes:

Choosing a suitable time

Unless you are sending out an important alert or news that can affect your stakeholders immediately, it is wise to stick to normal business hours when it comes to WhatsApp messaging.

Always being professional

Users often use abbreviations and emojis when they are casually talking to friends and family via WhatsApp. However, when using this platform for business, professionalism should be a top priority. Always use proper spelling and grammar and stick to the message you want to bring across.

Not using a personal account

With WhatsApp now offering more features for businesses, there is no need to send business messages from a personal account. Using a business account ensures you are always professional in your interactions, and it provides extra brand awareness.

Not sharing confidential information

Certain information should never be sent via text messages. With the rise in security breaches today, it is better to be safe and keep sensitive and confidential information offline.

WhatsApp’s Business Policy

To make it easier for businesses to comply with certain standards when using the platform for business purposes, WhatsApp has created a specific policy. This commerce policy contains certain regulations businesses can implement into their own messaging guidelines to ensure they act within the law at all time. The policy can be found on WhatsApp’s website.

Text messaging services, such as SMS for business and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), have become the preferred methods of communication in the business world. WhatsApp is now joining its predecessors by providing an even better, more improved communication solution that makes it easy to connect and interact with customers and staff securely and on the go. No longer do businesses have to invest in expensive and complex communication systems; WhatsApp is both cost-effective and highly accessible. It has been the go-to tool for the younger generations and they have now set the trend for businesses that are looking for improved customer communication methods.


If you’re looking for a modern communication tool that works, try WhatsApp for Business today.

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